Soda Box

Philip Hall


Philip started playing guitar at an early age. In his early teens, Philip and 3 friends, each armed with 3 chords formed a band Bartholomew, Memphis and Floyd. While this musical venture may not have lasted, Philip is happy to say that the friendships have. Developing his skills, Philip moved beyond his three chords to become a competent guitarist, and whilst still a teenager, he proudly took on the role of Choir Master for a group disadvantaged children to whom he taught singing and the fundamentals of music.

Following 3 years of military service, Philip recorded his first album, ‘Intelligent Pain’ with Avi Ben Dov. Following this, travels to London led to him working with the producer Martyn Ford. It was after this, inspired to further refine his skills, Philip studied at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood. It was here that he teamed up with Sherry Austin a lead vocalist and was signed by Mark Holden to his Dream Dealers Management Company.  Philip continued to write songs and play guitar in his two-man band with Sherry.

Philip then took a few years out, developing a business career and also focused on painting, becoming an exhibiting artist with a flow of commissioning clients.

His album ‘Dogs Have No Shame’ saw a return to his first love – music. This album showcases his song writing skills, delivering a cross section of Philip’s proficiency in different musical styles. His third studio album was completed in 2015 and he continues to write and produce for an eclectic range of clients. Philip is inspired by every day events, and anecdotes which are retold musically and lyrically in his works. Check out Philip’s unique and engaging sound on his website and on SoundCloud.

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