Soda Box Music, a boutique music agency spearheaded by songwriter and international entrepreneur Carolyn Baron and multi-Grammy & #1 Billboard charting record producer Ron Thaler, reflects the changing winds in the world of publishing and music synchronization.

A growing number of industry end-users and content creators feel dismayed by the lack of attention their music initiatives have generated, all too often drowning in a blinding sea of song-title invisibility and indifference. Soda Box along with it's international business and branding partners is offering renewal. Renewal for those whose artistry is of the highest caliber and integrity, and renewal for those who seek to generate unmatched market visibility through superlative aesthetics and a penetrating sonic signature.

Where in the past sifting through arbitrarily organized databases was an end-users typical order of the day, a new approach espoused by Soda Box and its contemporaries has led to very promising results: specialized and inviting boutique environments, elegant search tools, high quality remarkable content that intensifies fan experience, constant in-house new catalogue development and recordings to maintain freshness and offer clients more than just standard fare, pre-cleared business-transparent multi-dimensional music, and a highly interactive time-sensitive "client-first" workflow.

Soda Box is the new wave, reminding us that remarkability and artistic color should always be at the forefront of publishing. We invite your partnership, and welcome helping you match your unique sonic needs to a treasure trove of inspired musical offerings.