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Paradise Riflebirds


The Paradise Riflebirds are a collective based in Cairns and Brisbane in northern Australia and London, centred around composer and guitarist/keyboardist Simon Kennedy and vocalist/guitarists Tom and Joel, with a wider cast of musicians for recording and shows.

The music is somnambulant, melodic and dissonant by turns, touching on the post-rock, neo-classical, jazz, shoegaze and country genres.  The aim to bring together the cinematic sounds of post-rock and classical, the strong lyrical themes of country and folk and the shifting rhythms and deep basslines of jazz and funk.  

They have made three records, “The Riflebirds EP”, “Night Cactus (Instrumentals)” and the completed but unreleased full length “Victorian Evening”, the crowning achievement to date recorded by nine musicians across two studios.  They have played at iconic Australian venues such as the Zoo in Brisbane and the Espy in Melbourne and played widely on music stations such as 4ZZZ, 3RRR and 2FBi but will be making the latest album heard more widely.

Use for drives in the country or late at night.

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