Soda Box

Lana Paige

New Zealand

For over a decade, Lana Paige has been pouring her soul and experiences on to paper night after night, learning the secrets of her voice and transforming what was just words into haunting lyrical script.


With a sound like no other, Lana Rage emerges from the shadows and is ready to impart her emotion and experience to the world. Lana's sweet and soulful voice carries through the songs, weaving melodically through the sections with lyrics that will keep you hooked and wanting more. This is held with strong arrangement from the band incorporating everything from pop sensibilities, the raw passion and aggression of heavy metal and a dark, cool blues lending itself expertly to these emotive and relatable songs. Visually you will be greeted with energetic stage presence from the band and your eyes will never leave Lana's intoxicating presence.

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