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Jason Pfaff


Jason Pfaff is an accomplished American composer and multidisciplinary artist with over 30 years experience making music. He plays piano, drums, synthesizers, and sings within his own cinematic genre 'Multidimensional' (blending Classical, Ambient, Pop, Electronica, Hip Hop, Blues, and Rock). He is the brother of the late musical force, Kristen Pfaff (Hole, Geffen Records). Among many musical influences, some include Beethoven,The Cure, Daniel Lanois, and The Flaming Lips. Jason has worked with many accomplished musicians and closely works with Grammy nominated music-mastering engineer, Anthony Casuccio.

Performing since 1992 in and around Buffalo, New York, Jason's performances have ranged from Rock bands to Classical and Ambient piano, to Experimental Electronic based concerts with guest musicians and video artists. Jason has also produced for local and worldwide.

Jason released his debut (fully produced with vocals) EP "Spaceship Blues in December of 2018, while also evolving his multi-media business- Pfaff Music. Aside, Jason’s diverse and cinematic music catalog serves independent multimedia and businesses worldwide. Some notable music placements include the HBO film “A Place in the Caribbean” (2017), Adelaide film festival trailer (2013), “Prisoners of the Dead” (2011),  and a featured artist track in Future Music magazine (CD 2000).

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