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Ev-G is a music producer from Bulgaria, based in Singapore.

Finding music at an early age, Ev-G gained a knack for melody and rhythm by watching his father DJ. Deciding to pursue his passions in 2007, Ev-G began producing for artists in 2007, quickly gaining recognition as a beatmaker on SoundClick for offering versatile production ranging from Hip-Hop, R&B, Commercial house and Pop.

An Apple Logic Pro certified and a First Class (BSc) Music Technology with Hons., Ev-G produces and mixes for artists from Asia, Europe, the UK, and the USA.

Ev-G has worked with: Taisuke (aka. Monkey King), Kwizyne, Jay Song and Xpionaj from 1or8faction, Mat Lee (The Jamhole), Nitebreed (Six Ten Records LLC), Mihaela Fileva (Monte Music). He has also done production for brands like Canon JPN and Fish & Co. Singapore.

Production Credits:

- Taisuke & Kwizyne's:
* Vagabond EP Intro (2014)

- Jay Song's
* "Tonight" (2013)
(Get the single on iTunes: http://goo.gl/efPaJ)

- Monkey King's:
* "Orient Express (feat. C-Nil)" (2010)
* "The Asia Trap" (2011)
(Get "The Day Before The Decade" Album: http://goo.gl/0zmbp)

- Mat Lee's
* “Leaf Leaves” (2014)
* "Intro" (2012)
* "The Hero" (2012)
* "Soft Cloud" (2012)
* "It's Me Again" (2012)
* "How Them G's Act" (2012)
* "Open Your Eyes (feat. Lyrickal)" (2012)
* "Don't Get Me Started" (2012)
* "Smoking Weed (feat. Lyrickal)" (2012)
* "Bubble Bursting" (2012)
* "Face Tomorrow" (2012)
* "The Horror" (2012)
* "Zombie Apocalypse" (2012)
* "Exorcism" (2012)
* "That's Life" (2012)
* "Do it Like Us (feat. Lyrickal)" (2010)
* "Hit That Shit (feat. Lyrickal)" (2010)
* "Move Me" (2010)
* "Autobiography" (2009)
(Download Album at: http://goo.gl/wV39i)

* "Christmas Is Cool [Ev-G Dance Remix]" (2011)

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