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TOGETHER is a band from Mallorca with two albums released.

'Future Cities' explores the cabin folk sound in a very introspective and minimalistic way, you can find nuances of psychedelic, electronic and baroque pop, even avant-garde elements or progressive textures, all serving the songs in a very natural and pleasant sound.

Influenced by the classic folk-rock from the “West Coast” '70s era, and the overwhelming concept of nature and progress makes TOGETHER a fight for coexistence between the organic and the synthetic elements. The album by itself displays the atmosphere of the search for balance in this irreconcilable and antagonistic world and the utopic vision of the future as an unimaginable possibility. All the elements are mixed in a very subtle way, creating a big open space for the listener to find their own perspective. Cinematic evolving constantly, recorded and produced by TOGETHER in they’re own studio cabin, located in a lost lagoon somewhere in the North of Mallorca using solar energy.

'bOOm' is their second and newly published album. A more personal and intuitive way, this time TOGETHER dives deeper into the human side of relations and love. Texts are more confessional, true and naked, voices and harmonies create weight serving the stories behind them. The album starts with 'The Mountain Call', an abysm symphony that as a left motive impregnates the whole album.

'bOOm' is full of light and the result is more emotion and pop.  It feels immediate and energetic, cinematographic, full of vitality and hope. You can categorize it as a “Love” album, with all the implications, different feelings and landscapes involved, coupled with a sense of a road movie carousel. Songs are elegant and magical with incredible arrangements from classic synth textures to minimal pianos and more presence of electric guitars. It is a complex album with an epidermis feeling. You feel as if you have dived into a universe which communicates a state of love that guides our ongoing lives 

Again the band was responsible for the recording of the album in their cabin, but for mixing, they count on the help and ears of talented producer Paco Loco. The sound is impressive. It feels bigger, more extroverted and muscular. The album closes with 'St. Paul', an electronic 80's vibe song, with some genuine samplers of the London Cathedral. 

So that is the journey, transforming from the opening with cabin folk symphony elements, and evolving to a majestic electronic mesmerizing soul-pop odd ending, that announces the new direction of a unique and particular band.

TOGETHER…Heart beating, heartbreaking, vibrant, alive...

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