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«In these fast-paced times, I see music as a powerful tool to constantly challenge superficiality. I don’t create artificial sounds or background jingles - I write honest songs that reflect what we humans think and feel. As a storyteller, I aim to encourage people with ambitions and goals. The best compliment is when my listeners get lost in my sound and find themselves in my lyrics.»

BAUM’s musical career includes two tours as support for Van Morrison in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, five tours in Ireland, two in Germany, appearances at the Openair St. Gallen, Gurten Festival, Stimmen Festival, Baloise Session, Summerstage Basel and about 300 concerts in Switzerland, Germany and Ireland.

On the production side, BAUM has released two albums and two EPs, including «penpapercoffee» on Warner Music Central Europe. Several of his songs were placed in the US TV series «Take a Seat: Egypt», he wrote several corporate songs in Switzerland, and his single «Home One Day» was included on the soundtrack of the German movie «Verrückt nach Fixi» in October 2016. His recent album «Kingdom Of The Upright Man», released in September 2017 on Muve Recordings/Musikvertrieb AG, hit the Swiss Album Charts.

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