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Gregatron is a composer, arranger, pianist, and drummer from Evansville, Indiana. Gregatron's music is an eclectic fusion of styles: anthemic pop melodies supported by the harmonic richness of jazz, orchestrated with classical complexity and underlaid by the booming beats of trap.

Combining pure artistry and practiced aptitude, he is the rarest kind of dreamer- one who has the prodigious technical skill to transform every insane idea into musical reality. “Gregatron has the technical command to execute almost any musical phrase he can imagine.”  (Warren Petit – Director, CMC).

“Gregatron is a musical monster, not unlike Godzilla. He will crush your silly human expectations with fire and fury – not to mention some nimble tickling of the keys, earth-shattering beats, and wicked props. Look out! Feel the earth rumble! Because he’s coming to a town near you.” (Rick Elias – Songwriter, Producer)

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