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Being the most notorious of his breed, Impetus continues to be the perfect synonym for the term "driving force". Leandro Aybar, as the ones in his circle may know him as, has been the voice of a transcending culture where he portrays the vision of a young boy becoming a man through a challenging underestimated music genre.

During his early beginnings, Impetus was given the opportunity to expose his versatility in one of the most famous rap groups from the Dominican Republic; Campamento Revolucionario. In the year 2000, the Spanish rap community in New York City gave birth to a new wave of young talents where he impacted the underground movement appearing in multiple tracks as a member of the trilogy named Punto de Referencia. While in the group, Impetus marked his territory in collaborations with many popular exponents in the urban spectrum such as Factor Primo, Nipo, Lo Correcto, Sin Fin, Sano In and other popular members of the local movement. In 2005, Wu-Tang Clan added Impetus to its Latin roster where he was given the honour to work with Raekwon the Chef on the remix of his then latest single called State of Grace. He also appeared on the mixtape that catapulted the Wu Latino brand named The New Chamber by the Rza.

As a Wu member, he was given the opportunity to open up events for different artists such as Cappadonna in Staten Island and Hector el Bambino in New York City. While tackling multiple performances on different stages in the melting pot and standing above the saturating competition, Impetus lit up the scene in collaborations with Eye n See, R-1, Sandy MC, Thirstin Howl III, Yo Yais Family, among others in the rap movement surprising the game with his authentic flow, delivery and wordplay. Impetus has been a symbol of relevancy and now he is back with a more elevated musical game.

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