Soda Box

Ivan Judaš


Ivan Judaš is an expressive young musician from Zagreb, Croatia. Although he plays many instruments, he decided to start his musical career as a handpan artist and dedicate himself to the creation of soothing, relaxing, and meditational yoga music. Playing music is his greatest passion and it comes from the heart. Currently, he is working on his first album.  In the past, he has released a couple of single tracks as an independant publisher. Even though he has played in many clubs and festivals around Europe, he enjoys traveling and performing as a street artist. His greatest inspiration and most of his music is fueled by the beauty of nature and those wonderful moments of sharing the music, emotion, and expression with people from all around the world. For him, being a musician is the only way to live a happy life, and to learn and feel everything that his heart desires. Therefore, music has not just become his passion, but rather a part of his whole existance and personality.

'For me, music has always been the greatest teacher, guide, a friend, and the greatest path to self realisation. This is my freedom. When I play music, I am present. I feel and I share. This is who I am.'

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