Soda Box

Igor and the Hippie Land


The story began with the indefatigable complicity between two French friends, Igor Stanislas and Emmanuel MacManus, and their shared passion for music – years spent subsequently in London and Paris eventually giving rise to a sonic project of their own, accompanied by lyrics in English from Londoner friend, Claire Gristwood.

The particular chemistry between the three long-term friends results in a contemporary-sounding mix of classic 60s and 70s rock with the occasional symphonic arrangement.

The deep and melodious voice of singer Igor Stanislas and wild guitar riffs from Emmanuel MacManus – an appropriate contrast to the softer mandolin – fit perfectly with the solid foundation of a very generous bass from Philippe Henner and the wonderfully inventive precision of drummers Alain Bidotnaude “The Greez” and Philippe Jeoffroy. All of which come together in the form of pure, powerful, sophisticated, universal rock. 

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