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Igor and the Hippie Land


Don’t try looking for Hippie Land on a map of the world; it’s a mythical place conjured up by singer / guitarist / pianist Igor Stanislas and his accomplice, lead guitarist / mandolinist Emanuel McManus. With drummer Philippe Jeoffroy and Bruno Burtre on bass, Igor and the Hippie Land are citizens of a land positively ringing out with the fine musical backdrop of The Beatles, Bowie, Pink Floyd and The Beach Boys, their work bringing to mind the golden era of 60s and 70s rock. Further to the 2013 release of a first album ‘Dig for Victory’, a 2015 EP entitled ‘Disappearing World’, followed up by the album ‘Wonderful Circle’ in 2017, the band continues its tireless pursuit of the perfect song with the November 2019 release of a third album ‘Love and Chaos’. This new, rich, everchanging musical tapestry – underlined by finely-crafted lyrics from British author Claire Gristwood – evokes chaos of a both global and personal order, with love the universal cure. Classic rock in its noblest and most timeless form, this third album transports the listener beyond all normal limits.

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