Soda Box

Igor Stanislas

Composing music for Igor Stanislas is all about melodic theme.

Born in France in 1966 and entirely self-taught, he turned his hand easily to musical composition both for images and for writing and performing with his own rock band Igor and the Hippie Land. The last years of the 1980s saw Igor in London studios learning how to record and produce his own tracks – analogue recording seeming to him the best way of reflecting and retaining the warmth of the instruments – as well as studying closely the work of key anglo-saxon artists. He plays guitar, piano and bass and is constantly seeking to refine personal projects along with his musical culture generally, his ear very much to the ground regarding new technology. For Igor music has no boundaries.A great admirer of American cinema and of its film scores, influences for Igor include the repetitive style of Philip Glass and also the master of the field, Enrico Morricone. Moving on to instrumental and symphonic work was a natural step, therefore, sometimes neo-classical and intimate in style, sometimes nuanced by more of a rock, electronic sound, but forever in keeping with the “theme” method. Igor enjoys working on all sorts of diverse projects, such as documentaries, soundtracks, contemporary dance music and animated film.”

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