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Grace Drums


First trained in classical violin, Gabriella was mesmerized by the grooves of Africa, the African diaspora, and 70’s disco. While writing and playing music all her life, this composer, songwriter and budding percussionist went to medical school. Along the way, she discovered that healing is really an inside job, music being the most powerful healer of all.

Gabriella’s love of rhythm led to her to study West African djembe, Haitian drumming, and shekere, also reviving her violin with jazz and blues. She has performed with NY percussion groups Benkelema, and internationally renowned Women of the Calabash.  She later founded Grace Drums, an all women percussion ensemble, performing its unique blend of rhythm with vocals and strings. Gabriella also collaborated with choirs and artists from pop to opera on drums, and with her original songs performed live.

Finally, her passion for music extends to teaching workshops for empowerment and healing. In 2013, she received a citation from the Brooklyn Borough President’s Office for her work with drumming workshops for domestic violence survivors. 

Gabriella made her leap from medicine to music and hasn't looked back. She now brings her style of uplifting music and lyrics to wider audiences through placement in media.

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