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Ralph Zurmühle


“Ralph’s most recent album Reflections explores the sonority of the piano masterfully and reaches a technical and artistic dimension only achievable by the finest contemporary piano works." (YAMAHA – Spain)


Ralph Zurmühle, Swiss composer and pianist, discovered his natural ability for the piano at the age of five. He fostered his talent over decades with jazz and classical music training in Zürich and Liechtenstein.  

Since 1986 he has scored music for film, television programs, theater and multimedia projects, among these:

  • “New music for classic silent films” - Institute of Modern Art, Valencia, Spain
  • “Momix-Alchemy” - company of dancer illusionists, USA
  • “All Secrets” - award-winning feature film, U.K./Poland
  • “L'horitzó” - multimedia installation at Metrònom, Barcelona, and the International Biennial of Contemporary Art, Almería, Spain
  • “Norró” - documentary, Spain
  • “The Appalachian Trail, An American Legacy” - documentary, USA


Ralph has been offering solo piano concerts in Europe and the United States, performing mostly his own compositions. In 2012 he shared the stage with Peter Kater and David Dorantes in the “Second International Piano Festival” in Burgos, Spain. September and October 2013 marked his church concert tour in Catalonia in collaboration with YAMAHA Europe. His most recent concert was performed in December 2016 at the Royal Artistic Circle in Barcelona.

Ralph's 5 CDs, composed mostly for piano, have been met with international critical acclaim and received multiple nominations and awards.

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