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Scarlet Monk


Born on raised on a small farm in Poland, Scarlet grew up full of MTV dreams, while being followed around by her pet lamb, Kopytko. At the age of 12 she was thrown into the center of urban American culture when her family relocated to Chicago. Scarlet Monk’s music is a prism of experiences, cultures and genres. Her style cannot be easily boxed in, but the names “Portishead”, “Sade” and “Phantogram“ are often heard when describing her sound. She has always combined performance styles in new and exciting ways, by searching for the common ground between each form and carefully preserving what makes it unique. She has the ear of a musician tuned to textures, nuances and timbres, with the heart of an emotionally charged dancer. As a classically trained vocalist who delved into the electronic music world, she is endlessly passionate about the place of the human voice within current technology, and has mastered creating multi-layered vocal harmonies so that they blend seamlessly with electronic beats. A vocalist, songwriter, producer, performance artist and dancer, Scarlet Monk is a power house with her finger on the pulse of society.

She attributes her style to the years she spent honing her craft in Chicago, where she got a BFA in Vocal Performance and a Minor in Dance from NEIU, performed and recorded in the underground hip hop and downtempo scene, and developed her ear for harmony and vocal layers in choirs beginning with Whitney Young H.S. Concert Choir. Her recording career began with Garageband and the tiny dot microphone on her Mac, and of course Myspace. Her home-made recordings drew the attention of a London based producer, Ekiti Son, and they collaborated on two songs for his album “Sacred Science” in 2009. Her first album “AnnaBella” was released in 2011, followed by “AnnaBella Remixed” the following year, with the remix of “Ring” by Brooklyn-based producer KRTS drawing attention from the downtempo community. In the following years Scarlet Monk collaborated on projects and toured with MC Phillip Morris, was featured on Qwel and Maker’s "Beautiful Raw" album (Galapagos4 Records), Tensei's "One" album (Plug Research Records), performed in "oddity()" by Lee Blalock at Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago) as part of the “David Bowie Is" programming in 2014, and in “Dissecting Adam: an improvised opera” by Julia A. Miller in 2013. She also composed and recorded an original 25 min. sound score for Emily Miller’s GET DOWN/PICK UP Modern Dance Company at Dixon Place, NYC. 

Scarlet currently lives in Los Angeles creating original music, sound compositions and soundscapes.

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