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Steve Lebetkin


Steve Lebetkin is an American composer and musical descendant of the late Jewish composer Karol Rathaus, a leading early 20th century film and classical composer that emigrated to America during the Third Reich. Lebetkin carries the torch of a great European musical composition tradition whose roots go back to Haydn. He is a leading advocate in his works and public presentations to distinguish between harmonic languages and compositional technique, regardless of style, venue, or era.

Lebetkin's lecture series “What Makes Great Music
 Great” takes a fresh approach towards understanding musical composition for the general public, musicians, and media professionals. Lebetkin's most recent works include the album "Perpetuum Immobile", which stakes out new paths for the blending the best in class for New Age Chamber Music, classical, media and symphonic. Lebetkin's symphonic, choral, and chamber music works are performed by orchestras and groups throughout the world.

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