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Danny Rayel

Danny Rayel is a 24 year old, independent music composer who mainly writes instrumental music for films & TV, theatre, commercials, video games etc. Currently, his main genres of interest are emotional, epic, ambient, dark and fantasy music as well as Electronic Dance Music (EDM).

He holds a Grade 8 Diploma in Piano Performance from the Trinity College London, and is also a holder of a BMus degree in Music Performance and Production from the Middlesex University, London. Danny studied music composition and production for contemporary styles of music like Jazz, Pop, Rock, Funk and Blues, at the London Centre of Contemporary Music (LCCM) with specialization in Audio Visual Synchronization (AVSynch).

Danny’s musical background combines sounds from the Baroque, the Classical and the Romantic era together with more specialized sounds relating to Celtic, Folk, Medieval and Gothic. Danny has been playing the piano from a very young age, focusing mainly on pieces written by great composers such as Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin and Bach but at the same time he is a competent user of modern music software like Logic Pro and Sibelius as well as DJ platforms.

Since graduation from LCCM, he spends most of his time composing instrumental music for various media and products and is professionally affiliated with the Musicians Union, UK and PRS for Music, UK.

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