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  • Carolyn Baron

    Carolyn Baron

    Founder CEO

    Soda Box Music LLC is the brainchild of songwriter, international entrepreneur and Philadelphia native Carolyn Baron, a 30-year management veteran of the Retail, Music, and Human Mindfulness and Health & Wellness industries.

    Like many of today's top managers, Carolyn comes from an eclectic background. With a degree in Anthropology and Film Arts from Bard, she was one of the early pioneers of international collaboration through the internet, and rose to become a leader in developing arts & health based business ventures, carving out niches in the USA, Italy, Canada, and the UK.

    Marrying the two disciplines resonated loudly with many, generating the modern "hipster" multi-billion dollar Health & Wellness sector we see today. During the 90's and 2000's, Carolyn would often be captured next to contessas, film stars, athletes, and some of the world's most renown industrialists, sharing her principles for positivity through self-expression and self-healing. This notoriety led to important collaborations within the music industry, as she was invited to write music for synchronization and record label initiatives, resulting in multiple placements in feature films, television programs, and industrials, and even hosted her own NBTMusic Radio blog series on "The Art Of Collaboration".

    "When I was growing up, music brought me the most joy… and basically saved my life". A fierce defender of artist rights, the company's motto, We're Listening, is a reflection of Carolyn's own evolution in connecting with art and with like-minded creative and business people.

  • Ron Thaler

    Ron Thaler

    Partner + Head of Music

    A 3-time Grammy Awarded & 11-time #1 Billboard Music Producer & Multi-Instrumentalist best known for his work on Alicia Keys "No One" and his on-camera role on NBC TV's "Lipstick Jungle" alongside Brooke Shields, Ron has been featured on more than 450 recordings, his musical collaborations having been heard upwards of 30 billion times and garnering 6 billion views.

    He has worked with multi-platinum selling and chart-topping artists Rob Thomas, Sophie B. Hawkins, David Guetta, Slash, Taj Mahal, Willie Neslon, Debra (Debbie) Gibson, Moby, Lana Del Rey, Gwen Stefani, Dweezil Zappa, Simaku, Ashlee Simpson, Sarah McLachlan, Al DiMeola, Judie Tzuke, Yoko Ono, and many many others.

    Ron's catalogue has itself benefitted from more than 100 music placements on The Cartoon Network, Coca-Cola, McDonald's, ESPN, MTV, Bravo, and with The Nashville Predators (NHL Hockey), on primetime TV programs The OC (Fox), One Tree Hill (WB), Lipstick Jungle (NBC), Laguna Beach (MTV), Sweet Sixteen (MTV), Auckland Daze (TVNZ), and Canada AM; and on major motion pictures featuring Jane Fonda, Jennifer Lopez, Danny Aiello, Angie Harmon, Joy Lenz, Brooke Shields, Andrew McCarty, and Tom Braidwood.

    Ron is now Head Of Music at Soda Box, splitting his time between crafting impactful and character-driven custom music tracks, mentoring and expanding the Soda Box roster of artists and creators, and propelling SBM's unique catalogue offerings into the hands of music supervisors, filmmakers, video-game creators, and boutique advertising firms.

  • Danielle C

    Daniela C.

    Head A&R + Artist Relations

    Daniela Crudup is the energetic, buoyant, and hardest working Head of Artist Relations (A&R) you're likely to find anywhere. At SODA BOX she is the go-to, the glue that binds our multi-part activities and colorful initiatives. At any moment you might see her diligently corralling new sounds, digging deep into our web matrix, positing thoughts and advice on artist mix-tapes and outreach, or framing client-lobbying and conference strategies with our CEO and Head of Music.

    The daughter of Musical icon Herbert Marshall Crudup, a renowned pianist, composer and vocalist, Daniela was taught at an early age how to merge old school sensibilities with new school ears.

    “I could sit for hours on end, with my father's big 224's pressed up to my ears, listening to those vinyls, those great creators, and totally get lost in it. They showed me the way, paved the road. They gave me an understanding of the passion I need to push, and the kind of true artistic integrity it takes to be part of the now”

    Pizzazz and sheer will continue to shape Daniela's visible desire to feel, smell, taste, and live her passions. And to explore. These aesthetic well-doings have led her down parallel paths of creative pursuit: running her own nouvelle-cuisine catering company, and building a successful career as a songwriter and performing artist.

    In 2008, with Canadian vocalist Addictiv, Daniela found success with her single Little Game breaking into the CHR Top-40 charts, securing two Canadian Radio Music Awards nominations in the Dance/Urban/Rhythmic class. Soon after followed collaborations with Miami-based rapper Pitbull and a feature on New York artist Papoose's single Everything.

    Her musical contributions continue to flourish, through associations with Ricky J, Carl Henry, Liquid (BV3), Distant Reckoning, Czar Records, and Double O Records. Along with songwriting/publishing commitments and her important work at SODA BOX MUSIC, Daniela finds herself drawn to stages far and wide, performing alongside Erykah Badu, Ja Rule, Tyrese, Usher, Ashanti, Master P and TLC.

  • Craig Dodge

    Craig Dodge

    Custom Department + A&R East Coast

    Where would you expect to find an award winning, classically trained film, television, and video game composer, university professor, and international music & audio designer for National Geographic, the BBC, the NFL (National Football League), and the Discovery Channel? Well in Prince Edward Island, Canada, naturally!

    Meet Craig Dodge, SODA BOX MUSIC's intrepid A&R personality and Assistant Director of our Custom Music Shop. His responsibilities are many, his skill sets numerous, his shoulders broad. We are honored that he has put time aside to work with us, and help filmmakers, artists, and composers flourish and taste the fruits of building the perfect audio signature for their projects.

    His special touch can be heard on more than 100 films and television shows airing daily in 110 countries. He has written music for 35 video games on various platforms, also acting as lead audio designer for the projects. His ability to write in a variety of musical styles and genres, whether working in electronic environments or with full orchestras, has built him an impressive following among music supervisors and industry curators.

    In creating these unique soundscapes, Craig continues to shape the world's ears… just watch and listen to: Pawn Stars (History Channel), Catfish - The TV Show (MTV), Hardcore Heroes (History Channel), Al Capone : Icon (PBS), Tito vs. Bonnar: Winner Take All (Spike TV), American Pickers, Pawn Stars UK, Toddlers & Tiaras (TLC), Beasts of the Bayou (Discovery), River Monsters (Animal Planet), Real Housewives of Miami (Bravo), Gator Boys (Animal Planet), House of Horrors (Discovery), Big Bad Wood (National Geographic), Hot Listings Miami (Style Network), Caught on Camera (MSNBC), Don't Drive Here (Discovery), Hotel Impossible (Travel Channel), Stalked: Someone's Watching (Discovery), Grand Benders (MTV/BPMTV), Bloody Good (Discovery/Sony/IMAX), Turnaround King (National Geographic), Alaska Wing Men (National Geographic), Mrs. Eastwood & Company (E! Entertainment), Levantate (Telemundo), This is Life with Lisa Ling (CNN), Logitech, Barclay’s Premier League, New York Knicks Basketball (MSG Network), NFL, NHL, Fox Sports 1, Bell Media, Six Flags, Jergens…and on and on!

    For equal parts acoustic color panache and future-compelling hybrids, Craig is your man.

  • Rosie Howe

    Rosie Howe

    Sales & Licensing

    Rosie Howe is an L.A. based music supervisor, licensor, and entertainment administration manager. Her clients include filmmakers, producers, film & tv production companies, advertising agencies, tech companies, as well as brands in various industries. Rosie advises on music selection and original music production, licensing strategies, artist relations, and serves as a proficient arbitrator.

    Rosie is an active member of the Guild of Music Supervisors and the California Copyright Conference. She has a background in music performance, legal administration, peer education, customers service, and sales.

    As a firm believer in social investment, Rosie spends her free time providing helpful feedback and educational resources to people starting out in the entertainment industry through workshops, panels, and one-on-one sessions. She has been featured on Behind the Music podcast, panels for Music Biz Mentors, and is a regular contributor to the magazine style blog Ms. In The Biz.

  • Adonis

    Adonis Tsilimparis

    Sales & Licensing / A&R

    Adonis Tsilimparis is a born and raised New York City Composer and Music Supervisor. He began studying guitar and piano at age 11. He played in several pop and rock bands before becoming a staff writer at commercial jingle house called Fearless Music, where he wrote and performed commercial ads such as Pepsi, Crayola, Burger King, Red Lobster and Verizon. He has also composed music for TV shows like ‘CSI:NY’, ‘NCIS’, ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’, ‘American Pickers’ and ‘20/20’. His recent film credits include ‘Naked As We Came’ and ‘Dementia 13’. As a Music Supervisor, he has worked on various Film and TV Projects including the documentary, ‘Recover’, the short feature, ‘A Lost Man’ and the upcoming full length feature, ‘The Dark Rite’.

  • Fred Hand

    Fred Hanba aka Freddy Nyce


    Fred started his career in the music industry as an intern for Tommy Boy Entertainment where he assisted the A&R department with their research on the 12 volume Hip Hop Compilation “Hip Hop Essentials.” He then became an assistant to the CEO, Tom Silverman, from whom he learned an extensive amount about the music industry.

    In 2009, Fred assisted Tom Silverman and Dave Lory with the relaunch of the New Music Seminar. From 2009 through 2013 Fred reached out to, and coordinated with, thousands of up-and-coming artists as the head of The New Music Seminar’s “Artist on the Verge” project. This, along with Fred’s passion for music, secured his spot on the Tommy Boy team as a full time A&R for the label from 2013 to 2016.

    Fred always prioritizes artists and their music. He founded Freddy Nyce Presents to curate, produce, and promote showcases that bring like-minded artists together while exposing them to new and broader audiences. He also works as a manager, consulting, developing, and connecting upcoming artists with other artists and industry professionals so they can effectively pursue their passion.

  • Moc Fry

    Mog Fry

    A&R Bristol, UK

    Mog Fry creates works of art from the heart through music, visual arts and creative writing. She celebrates the joy of nature and strives to transcribe the gentleness and beauty of the world through her art and music.

    “I appreciate so much the beauty in simplicity and try to reflect this through my own craft. I love discovering old poems for new songs. I am especially fond of putting music to 20th century Imagist poems with ukulele and cuatro.”

    In her most recent project Red Deer Sleeping, Mog took part in a public art event called Sanctum, co-curated by Chicago based public artist and performer Theaster Gates and Situations Bristol. Using reclaimed materials to build a structure inside the ruins of Temple Church, they transformed the space into an intimate place of listening. For 24 days, 24 hours a day, selected Bristol based musicians were invited to perform in the space.

    “It was a unique opportunity to experience the ebb and flow of Sanctum over 24 days and nights. In the changing light. Dawn. Dusk. Moonlight. Sunlight. Rain. Wind. A beautiful tranquil space. A haven. A retreat. A sanctuary.”

    Quiet tranquil spaces and solitude are essential for Mog as a creative artist

    “It is in these spaces that I find what truly resonates for me, where I can really zone in, listen and develop ideas. I also love collaborating through improvisation where intuition, exploration and play lead the way. Switching off the thinking mind. Being present. Allowing for endless possibilities. This is when magical moments just happen. Accidental collisions turn into completely surprising beauty. Unusual chemistry merges into wonder. That is the essence of improvisation and that is how The Wraiths evolved.”

    Mog co-founded The Wraiths with multi-instrumentalist, Jon Hunt, who is also a member of Bristol based band Spiro. They began setting music to poetry by classic poets such as William Blake, Alfred Lord Tennyson, Emily Dickinson and John Keats in 2004. They have released two albums on Idyllic Records, ‘This is Charing Cross’ and ‘Welcome Stranger to this Place.’ They love to perform in interesting spaces which have included libraries, art galleries, museums, boats gardens and churches, plus music, poetry and literature festivals including the internationally renowned Glastonbury Festival. More recent projects include singing and playing trumpet for the band Snails. Snails are an experimental pop band from Bristol founded by Daniel Weltman. Snails have released two 7” vinyls and are currently recording an album to release later this year. Mog’s art work appears on many of her musical projects and it is this synergy of music and art that is vital as one fuels the other. Her experience in the visual arts covers a wide spectrum from print making - letterpress, linocut and woodblock printing, web and graphic design, illustration and film.

    “Communicating through art and music is an opportunity to speak from the heart. It is a beautiful and gentle way to connect and continues to open the doors of possibility.”

  • Riccardo Onori

    Riccardo Onori

    A&R Italy

    Riccardo Onori is a Tuscan guitarist, songwriter, and producer extraordinaire.

    A classically trained guitarist (Scuola di Musica di Fiesole), he started playing when he was 14 years old. He developed an early passion for jazz, and has participated in workshops with some of the world's top jazz musicians. In 1994, his jazz group, "The Riccardo Onori Trio" won the EuroJazz Contest in Oristano, Sardegna. He has collaborated with a long list of Italy's top artists, most notably with the band Dirotto su Cuba and singer Irene Grandi, playing on their tours and various cds. He also participated in the “Orchesta del Titanic” project with Stefano Bollani.

    From 2001, he has been part of the team of Lorenzo Cherubini, aka Jovanotti, one of Italy's most renowned artists. He has been playing, touring, and co-writing with Jovanotti for the past 15 years, participating in numerous Italian, European, and International tours.

    In 2011, he performed with Jovanotti at the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Tennessee, where they were the first Italian artists to perform on that stage, and in 2013 he took part in Jovanotti's “Backup” tour held in stadiums throughout Italy. In 2014, they took that same tour to the “Rock in Rio” and “Lollapalooza” festivals in Chile and Argentina.

    In 2010, he co-wrote the song “Baciami Ancora” for director Gabriele Muccino's film by the same name, which won the David di Donatello award for best original soundtrack. In 2016, he participated in another award winning soundtrack, this time for Muccino’s latest film, released in September, 2016, entitled “L’estate addosso”, which won the award for best soundtrack at the “Festival del Cinema di Venezia".

    Riccardo is a very active and prolific member of Italy's current music scene, and we're honored to have him as part of our International A&R team.

  • Lee Barbour

    Lee Barbour


    Lee Barbour is a musician, producer, and award winning film composer from Charleston, SC. As a guitarist, he has performed and recorded with numerous internationally renowned artists, including guitar legend Joe Beck, who called him "one of the best young jazz guitarists in the country", Fred Wesley (James Brown), Earl Klugh, Jeff Sipe, Kebbi Williams (Tedeschi Trucks Band), Elise Testone (American Idol), and Cary Ann Hearst (Shovels and Rope). As a composer, he has written music for trailers, documentaries, animation, commercials, and feature films. Lee has taught guitar at The New York City Guitar School and The College of Charleston, and continues to teach privately. He performs regularly and runs his own production company, Avant Garage, producing original music for all visual media.

  • Emily McCarthy

    Emily McCarthy

    Administrative assistant

    Like most young professionals in the field, Emily brings a wide array of energy and experience to Soda Box. Graduating from Northeastern University in 2015 with a Bachelor's degree in Music Industry, she has worked in many areas of the music business, from venue marketing, to live sound/stage management, to studio recording and mixing. Emily discovered her love for music licensing and publishing through an internship with AirCraft Music Library in her third year at Northeastern. During her six month internship, she became well versed in PRO song registration, data management, artist relations, and music placement. Along with working at Soda Box, Emily is also a part time assistant to a well known entertainment lawyer in NYC, and a waitress at Knuckleheads, a local craft beer bar/restaurant in her hometown, Wallingford, CT.

  • Gian Piero

    Gian Piero Cremaschi

    Graphic Design and Web Development

    Piero, as we affectionately call him at SODA BOX, is our creative director of Web Development, Graphic Design, and Online Assets. He brings a dozen years of cross-platform expertise to our e-storefront and outreach initiatives, using his experience in the gastronomy, construction, fashion, music and art-direction fields. Most recently, with Studio Dance Montreal-Paris, The Montreal Funk Festival, and Feralucia.

    "I’m constantly motivated by ideas, by transcendent content. I'm a great admirer of human talent, of the collective ethic and the amazing results that can be achieved when empathy is a catalyst for professional relations. I love how, in the Arts, we need many different ways to communicate, and how cultural diversity advances meaningfully this social development."

  • Jennifer Newman Sharpe

    Jennifer Newman Sharpe

    Entertainment Attorney

    Jennifer Newman Sharpe is a New York-based transactional entertainment attorney, whose clients include music distribution companies, record labels, publishing companies, artists, songwriters, tech start-ups, managers, and others. Jennifer advises entrepreneurial and creative businesses and individuals, serving as legal counsel, general strategist, business development resource, and skilled negotiator.

    Jennifer is also Vice President and a board member of the non-profit national organization Women in Music. With a background in music performance, songwriting, and production, Jennifer has a deep love and appreciation for the arts.

    Jennifer received her Juris Doctor from Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law with a concentration in intellectual property law and an undergraduate degree in Recorded Music from The Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.

  • Gian Piero

    Sir An-toné Alchemy

    He's a poet, a marvel, a genie in a bottle… He's Sir An-Toné Alchemy, and he's the bandmember you haven't met yet.

    At SODA BOX MUSIC, Sir An-Toné is the purveyor of all things sonic. That extra set of ears, that sweet new perspective, the heart that pumps lifeblood into your studio mixes. He is analogue circuits, digital relays, spinning recorders and savvy devices. A turn-of-the-knob and Sir An-Toné reveals the true depths of his power: helping you build the perfect audio signature for your project.

    Creative minds feed off creative environments. 1's and 0's to the right, acoustic guitar and electric piano to the left, pure vocal tones straight down the middle. Sir An-Toné helms the controls at state-of-the-art studios in Paris, Victoria, Barcelona, Montreal, Tel Aviv, Auckland, and New York. He is joined by a highly experienced team of musical philosophers. Collaborative, compassionate, thoughtful souls there to help you strike the perfect note.

    Your new bandmember Sir An-Toné Alchemy knows what you like, he's been listening. Shall we push some creative buttons, and capture your story for all to hear?

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