Soda Box

Frank Palangi


"No Plan B On Backing Down On Your Dream" 

Recording Artist Frank Palangi is serving up a feeding frenzy of gritty, raw, powerful vocals backed by infectious positive driving rock. 

Grounded with a strong work ethic from a solid support system by his upbringing, his drive and motivation is focused not by the temptations of partying every day and every night. A singer/songwriter, a mult-instrumentalist. His gift of creativity is infused with the drive that rocknroll has. The sacrifices and the struggles of being an indie musician brings, Frank is determined to follow his dream without hesitation. 

"Palangi’s positivity extends beyond his music into the way he interacts with his fans. " - Guitar World. 

Frank replies "It has been a blessing with fans at these shows hearing their stories how my songs have helped in hardship in their lives. Growing up I learned to adapt my medical illnesses that not only has had a major impact on my lifestyle, but has lead me to reroute illness into a strength. That strength makes me share my beliefs, passion and will through my music." 

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